Rectifier Diodes - Stud Types and Capsule Types
Our comprehensive range of rectifier diodes offers class leading performance and reliability. Devices with blocking voltages from 400V up to 6kV are available making them ideal for applications with line voltages up to 2kV. Optimised to offer low conduction losses, these devices are ideally suited to line frequency applications including input rectifiers for variable speed drives, traction converters, trackside substations, welding and DC power supplies. Featuring compression bonded, alloyed Silicon wafer construction, these devices feature low thermal impedance and high overload capacity and are designed to survive even the most arduous applications.
The latest additions to the Westcode Rectifier Diode family are the new 56mm dia Si Rectifier Diodes (outline W54). The new package designs have proven alloyed technology for better transient thermal and surge ratings, offering approximately 40% more current rating than 50mm products (outline W5) in the same space envelope.
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