Solar Handheld Products
  • AC Battery Charger: Charges IXYS Solarâ„¢ rechargeable alkaline batteries, utilizing environmentally friendly chemistries.
  • Mini B Solar Powered USB Charger: Charges portable devices - MP3s, mobile phones, PSPs, PMPs, PDAs. It can be used as a portable LED flashlight and laser pointer.
  • Portable Solar Charger: Charges 2 AA alkaline batteries or 2 AAA alkaline batteries. The chargers solar bits can soak up some sun while hanging from the lanyard.
  • Solar Curve Tracer: Measures solar cells and solar panels in the field, storing 100 measurements in non volatile memory. The unit displays a current verses voltage graph, current light conditions, V open circuit,P maximum power point, and I short circuit.
  • Solar Flashlight: Utilizes IXYS SolarBit technology to charge IXYS Solarâ„¢ Rechargeable Alkaline batteries when exposed to sufficient sunlight or artificial light.
  • Solar Powered LED Flashlight: Provides a combination Solar Powered Multifunction LED Flashlights, Personal Alert, and AAA Battery Charger in a small package utilizing IXYS SolarBits.
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