Medium Voltage Thyristors
Medium voltage applications place additional demands on phase controlled thyristors. To meet these demands we have developed a comprehensive range of thyristors
optimised for medium voltage applications. As voltages increase, so do switching losses and turn-off time to a point where they become significant in line frequency
applications. Our patented distributed gate architecture ensures excellent switching performance over a wide range of voltage, current and di/dt. Device lifetime is also
engineered to achieve an optimum balance between conduction losses, commutation losses and turn-off time to give maximum power handling from line frequency to
400Hz. This also gives significant benefits when series or parallel connection of devices is required. Medium voltage thyristors are available from 3.2kV up to 6.5kV with
silicon diameters from 38mm to 100mm making them particularly suitable for high power converters such as medium voltage DC drives, medium voltage soft starts and utility
applications such as HVDC, static VAr compensators, excitation and transfer switches.
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