• VCES: 300V to 1200V
  • IC(90): 2A to 200A
  • High Gain, Low conduction & switching losses. Classes:A2,A3,B2,B3,C2

  • and C3
  • A2: DC to 10kHz. B2,B3: 15kHz to 40kHz C2: 40kHz to 100kHz

  • C3: 50kHz -150kHz.
  • A3-Class Polar IGBT/Diode Types, Mid-Frequency Range (15KHz-40KHz)

  • C3-300 V IGBT, High Speed PT for 50kHz-150kHz switching
  • Available with or without ultrafast diode in parallel
  • There are no parts for the "PT IGBTs" family.
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